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ArtVentive has developed the Endoluminal Occlusion System (EOSTM), a plug, achieving immediate, complete, and permanent occlusion of peripheral vasculature.

About ArtVentive

About ArtVentive

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 Meet the EOSTM Plug

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Case Studies

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Extended CE Mark certification for the EOS Plug

The CE Mark certification for the Endoluminal Occlusion System, EOS, was recently extended for another 5 years. The ArtVentive Endoluminal Occlusion System, EOS Plug is designed for vascular embolization. Once deployed, the plug immediately and permanently occludes the target blood vessel. The EOS Plug is available in three sizes for vessel diameters of 5, 8, and 11 mm. Also part of the system are the EOS Guide Catheters, designed for delivering the plug deep into tortuous vessels. The Guides are available in the sizes 6 French and 7.5 French. Read More.

ISO-2016 certification for ArtVentive Medical Group Inc.

ArtVentive Medical Group Inc. is proud to announce that it has passed the audit and obtained the ISO-2016 certification with the highest possible score: 100 out of 100. No Nonconformities. Read More.

Overview EOS publications and abstracts at SIR 2018 and GEST 2018 US

Overview EOS publications: https://www.artventivemedical.com/products/publications/ GEST-2018-Cionfoli GEST-2018-The GEST-2018-Deib-JHUxs SIR 2018-Kütting SIR-2018-Ferra-Varicocele a Stea Read More.