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Visit ArtVentive at GEST Europe 2017 in Florence

ArtVentive will attend GEST Europe in Florence, Italy from May 31 to June 3 Visit us at booth #9 to learn more about the EOS™ Plug and let us demonstrate its unique ability to immediately occlude blood flow in veins, arteries and tubes in the human...

ArtVentive Concludes Successful Clinical Demonstrations of the Revolutionary EOS™ Occlusion System at SIR 2017 in Washington DC.

The ArtVentive team conducted a series of very successful meetings and workshops at the conference with EOS™ which was featured in several prominent events held at the conference auditorium, the exhibition floor and at hands-on workshops.

EOS™ attracted considerable attention from the audience, primarily interventional radiologists from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, because it is the only occlusion device that immediately, safely and accurately stops blood flow.

ArtVentive Management Releases Strategic Growth Plan; Reviews Commercial Progress

ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc. (“ArtVentive”) announced today its strategic sales plan for the company’s growth and highlighted recent commercialization progress in the United States and Europe.

Dr, Leon Rudakov, ArtVentive’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, and Bill Olson, newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, identified an innovative sales and marketing strategy for ArtVentive’s revolutionary blood vessel occlusion device EOS™.

Visit ArtVentive at GEST 2016

Join us at the ArtVentive Booth #28 to learn more about the EOS™ Endoluminal Occlusion System at the GEST 2016 U.S. conference in New York.

Conference Dates: 05/05/16 – 05/08/16.

Successful Occlusion of the Splenic Artery Using the Endoluminal Occlusion System

Occlusion of blood vessels with the use of endovascular techniques is a fundamental concept for interventional management of urgent and emergent vascular conditions (1,2). However, complete and durable vessel occlusion is difficult to achieve with the currently available mechanical devices, most common among which are coils or plugs. The endoluminal occlusion system (EOS; ArtVentive, Carlsbad, California) is a family of catheter-based, expandable endoluminal mechanical occlusion devices. The possible clinical indications of the EOS device include management of venous (eg, varicocele, ovarian varices, varicose veins) and arterial (eg, emergency arterial embolization in trauma patients) conditions. As no late imaging was obtained in the present case, durable occlusion with the EOS device could be assessed in future studies.
To conclude, the EOS may provide a safe and reliable method of immediate vessel occlusion in the peripheral arterial circulation.