ArtVentive Medical Group Inc. (“ArtVentive”) announced today that Professor Anthony Venbrux, MD (George Washington University Hospital, Washington DC) and Dr. Leon Rudakov conducted a successful series of meetings and workshops at the Conference of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR-2017) in Washington DC.

SIR is a meeting of the world’s leading interventional radiologists where they gather to discuss new technologies and procedures. The conference provides the company with the opportunity to meet with key opinion leaders and practicing physicians, discuss its EOS™ device and demonstrate its unique ability to immediately occlude blood flow in veins, arteries and tubes in the human body.

The ArtVentive team conducted a series of very successful meetings and workshops at the conference with EOS™ which was featured in several prominent events held at the conference auditorium, the exhibition floor and at hands-on workshops.  EOS™ attracted considerable attention from the audience, primarily interventional radiologists from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, because it is the only occlusion device that immediately, safely and accurately stops blood flow.

During his presentation at a workshop titled “Gonadal Interventions in Men and Women” with over 70 physicians attending, Dr. Venbrux described EOS™’s successful clinical use in several recent cases. The team believed the workshop attracted a large audience because the cases Dr. Venbrux described were so unique. The procedures and results using the EOS™ device will be documented in case reports published in pier reviewed literature – an integral element to acceptance and commercialization of the device.

In a workshop conducted by the ArtVentive team, over 60 physicians had the opportunity to use EOS™, study the device and discuss its features and important advantages. Once these key opinion leaders return to their hospitals, they will be contacted by the company to expand its market share.

Dr. Venbrux reported, “The clinical interest in and usage of EOS™ has been growing recently and I have personally performed many cases involving its use. It is a novel and effective tool in my clinical practice.”

ArtVentive plans to attend additional conferences to showcase EOS™ in 2017. The ArtVentive team sees these conferences as opportunities to rapidly expand its commercial base.

About ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc.

ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc., with corporate headquarters in Carlsbad, California, is an innovative, multi-faceted medical device company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing globally a family of devices featuring the ArtVentive EOS™.

The ArtVentive EOS™ is a catheter ­based, self­-expandable device, which facilitates permanent and immediate occlusion of peripheral vessels. The ArtVentive EOS™ is designed to serve as a safe and reliable alternative to major surgery in certain cases.


Leon Rudakov, PhD

President and CTO

ArtVentive Medical Group, Inc.